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How To Dress Well On An Island Trip Except For The Bikini

The islands country is one of the favorite places for girls. Many girls like to go to the beach to take beautiful photos. So you have to learn how to dress well on an island.

Going to the islands for a holiday or going to the beach, you should wear casually and lightly. If you don’t want to wear a bikini on the trip, As long as you grasp a few wearing key points, you also can be beautiful. Now let’s learn how to dress well on the island trip.

Shirt Knotted

Put a knot on the shirt to make the ordinary shirt fashionable and more vacation style. Traveling to an island country, you should wear this. Shirts are actually more suitable for knotting. Making a knot can make the clothes to highlight the waistline.

Low-Cut Dress

The low-cut cool dress is suitable for going to the island. Such a small detail design can be said to be ingenious. Even small breasted women can show a sexy side.

Crop Tops

I believe that many people in the closet have beautiful clothes, but they have been unable to find the opportunity to wear them. Now on the island trip, they can come in handy. The crop tops have been popular from last year to this year. It may be not suitable to wear at a normal time, but it is a good choice for a holiday.

Weaving Tops

Weaving Tops is also a must-have item at the beach. The looming effect is very good. Girlish style woven shirt does not lose bikini.

Printed Wide-Leg Pants

Floral style is a must-have for island trips. The color is basically based on a bright color. If the color of the top is based on solid color, then you can choose the printed wide-leg pants, which can modify the body and cover the redundant meat on the legs. Casual and fashionable!

Vacation Style Dress

Traveling to the beach, the dress is the item with a high rate of returning. The dress has a flowing feel, which can make you look youthful. It is also a good helper for holiday wear, eliminating the troubles of matching. If you don’t like too fancy styles, you can choose pure white, clean and refreshing.

Tube Tops

If you go to the beach, of course, you have to show your good body. You can choose tube tops for girls who don’t wear bikinis and want to show off their bodies, which can make you cool and sexy!

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