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How To Style A White T-shirt? 8 Best Ways For You

I’m sure you have at least one white T-shirt in your closet. In fact, A white t-shirt can be paired with many different styles. Today, I’ll share the 8 best ways to style the white t-shirt for you.

White T-shirt Match With Denim Skirt

Start with a simple white T-shirt and denim skirt. The combo is sure to work correctly, no wonder Korean girls love it this way. It’s still a classic look, totally timeless. This outfit creates a fresh, clean feel. A white T-shirt is definitely the most versatile item, The bottom can be worn with a skirt of any color.

Match With A-line Skirt & Coat

The second is an extension of the previous one, which is to put a denim jacket on. Now the streets are full of girls in t-shirts and A-line skirts. Want something different? Go with a denim jacket, matching again inclined shoulder bag can build a fashionable style.

Match With Denim Shorts

Then there is the most age-reducing effect of the collocation, that is T-shirt & denim shorts. No matter what age you are, it will make you look absolutely young. For a more stylish look, pair them with canvas shoes. Canvas shoes come in a variety of colors because they are plain on the top. This can match out a youth girl style.

White T-shirt Match With Coat & Shorts Of The Same Color

If you want to try a new style, you can consider this very Korean style. If you are afraid of too hot, you can wear it to a movie or shopping mall. Wear it where it’s air-conditioned so you don’t have to worry about too hot. In addition to using the same style of coat & shorts, Korean girls wear denim shorts with this kind of coat as well.

Match With Sling Skirt

Differ from the usual loose-fitting slings skirt, this well-fitting two-piece slings skirt is very popular in South Korea this year. Korean girls usually wear a pair of canvas shoes and stockings.

Match With High-Waist Trousers

This one is definitely not to be missed as well. White T-shirt match with high-waisted pants not only look simple but also adjust your figure proportion. It makes you look like you have long legs.

Match With Sport Pants

Korean girls love wearing white t-shirts with these sporty pants. You might think it looks like pajamas, but as long as the match is good, it can be very fashionable. Be sure to tuck the front of your pants in when you wear them with sporty pants, and then never wear slippers at the same time. You can wear sneakers, otherwise, you’ll be 100% mistaken for wearing pajamas.

White T-shirt Match With Sport Skirt

Don’t dare to challenge sports pants, you can wear a sports skirt. Sporty skirts are easier to pull off than trousers and can be worn by small girls, pairing it with a hat and sneakers for a casual sporty look.

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