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How To Wash T-shirts In The Right Way

In the hot summer, many people like to wear t-shirts, it is comfortable, breathable and sweat absorption to wear cotton t-shirts, in summer it is very suitable clothing. But many people don’t know how to maintain t-shirts. Next, follow me to how to wash t-shirts in the right way.

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If you want to take care of your T-shirt, there are skills when it comes to washing it. First of all, don’t wash the cotton T-shirt too hard at the collar part, so as to avoid the collar deformation; If there are printed patterns on the T-shirt, do not strongly tear and scrub the surface of the pattern, so as not to affect the color of the pattern and make the printing pattern falls off.

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Washing the T-shirt, it is best to use cold water and wash by hand. soak it 5 to 6 minutes and soak time should not be too long; When washing, don’t use a detergent with bleach in it. Just use regular detergent or detergent. Don’t use a brush to wash t-shirts as well, to avoid damaging the bright powder and hot diamonds on the shirts. When drying, turn the inside out and don’t expose the shirt to the sun, lest it discolors and fades.

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If it’s a red or purple T-shirt, you can add some vinegar to the water and soak the T-shirt for a while. But do not too much vinegar, otherwise, the light color clothes will be dyed.

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Besides repelling mosquitoes, toilet water can also be used to wash t-shirts. After you’ve washed the shirt, rinse it out and add a few drops of toilet water to it. Soak the washed T-shirt in water for about ten minutes to sterilize and remove the smell of sweat.

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